Hi, My name is Jonathan and I live on the south coast of the U.K. I’m not sure what direction this blog will take at the moment but initially it will probably consist mostly of book reviews. I’ve always loved reading and I’m reading more than ever at the moment, however I go through phases and at any point other interests may take over and this may be reflected in the blog. These other interests may be music, film/TV, comics, physics/maths, computing etc.

The blog title is a modification of the section in Proust’s In Search of Lost Time titled The Intermittencies of the Heart. I was reading ISOLT at the time I was trying to decide on a title and it just seemed to jump out at me – but it probably is a bit pretentious…hmm…I may change it…but then I may not…As I can only imagine my posts being intermittent it seems appropriate.

I’m not a professional reviewer and I don’t have an English degree. If I’m truthful I sometimes find it a struggle writing posts but when I do manage it they will be about my personal experience of the book.

I quite like Big Reading Projects (BRPs); sometimes I just like the idea of BRPs rather than actually completing them but every now and then I do actually embark on one. Recent BRPs have been Proust’s In Search of Lost Time and Zola’s Rougon-Macquart series but BRPs needn’t always be highbrow literature, they may also be a series of comics or more trashy literature.

Although this is a new blog I have been contributing to the Reading Zola blog for over a year now and I’m a member of GoodReads.

I’ll add more details at a later date.

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  1. yodcha

    Glad too see you have started a book blog. I look forward to seeing you develop it and reading your posts. Possibly you could add a follow me button of some kind so interested parties can be notified when you post.


  2. Jonathan

    Thanks yodcha. There are a lot of things I’ll need to do to the blog to improve it. I decided it would be better to start blogging and sort it out as I go along – it’s a bit bare at the moment I know. A ‘follow me’ button would be good though.


  3. Sorry Jonathan but Wilson did not mellow with age or pull his punches in the 1980s. Au contraire. He toured England and Scotland in 1984 and left a wake of blown minds behind. Thanks for mentioning his special needs trust. He and his wife Lorraine struggle to pay for his care since his brain injury.
    Patrick Rosenkranz


    • Jonathan

      Thanks for commenting on my blog Patrick. I’m sort of glad he didn’t mellow but I feel he could have existed in both the underground and the mainstream if he’d wished.

      I’m looking forward to volume two coming out soon. The biographical info is fascinating as I hardly knew anything about Wilson the person.


  4. Hi Jonathon, I can’t see ‘Contact’ but I’m sure this will do. You may have seen I’m conducting a reading week for Australian writing 1890-1918. This was a period of intense nationalism giving rise to the myths of Australianness which still prevail today. The two best books of this period are 1. Such is Life – a purported memoir of Tom Collins by Joseph Furphy. It predates Ulysses by a quarter of a century and is just as good; and 2. Maurice Guest by ‘Henry Handel’ (Ethel) Richardson, which is set in Leipzig and basically ignores all that stuff going on in Australia. I am hoping you will read one of them and report back.
    rgds Bill Holloway

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